Can Snapchat Really Cause Dysmorphia?


People have always the dream of getting the beauty of celebrities. This practice is not new, but it is in fashion for a long time and this is more followed by teenagers. They follow the latest trend of clothes, makeup, accessories, and so on, and try to incorporate those in their own fashion. There are certain desperate teens always who even want to go through plastic surgery to get the look of their favorite celebrity. But, this was a practice of the previous era. Nowadays, they don’t want to look like any celebrities, but they want to look like their pictures on Snapchat, using filters. And that’s why they are visiting the plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeons to get the types of look that they get on Snapchat by using filters. And this tendency is known as ‘Snapchat Dysmorphia’.

As the young generation is using social media so much, this …

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