Yolo: Viral Snapchat app raises abuse concerns


It is highly unusual for an app to top Apple’s chart so soon after its launch without a major marketing campaign.

However, the viral success of the product has raised concerns.

Previous anonymous online Q&A services have been blighted by abuse and bullying.

And one UK-based children’s charity has said that Snapchat itself might have to intervene.

“Apps such as Yolo that allow anonymous comments could be easily misused to send abusive or upsetting messages,” the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC)’s Andy Burrows told the BBC.

“Snapchat should justify how this app meets their duty of care to children.”

Does being anonymous make it easier to be mean?
A US-based child safety campaign group has also suggested that Yolo’s age rating is too low.

“Anonymity… has always created a breeding ground for hate and very poor teen decision-making,” said Protect Young Eyes.

“The …

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Top 7 Sexy Snapchat Accounts to Follow Right Now


Do you like porn? That was a rhetorical question. Of course, you like porn; everyone likes porn. Even the people who say they hate porn, love porn.

Do you like Snapchat? Similarly to the first question, that was rhetorical. Of course, you like Snapchat, everyone loves Snapchat. What could get better than combining the two?

If you don’t follow porn star Snapchats, I’m about to change your life. Stop what you’re doing and read on because you have to follow these Snapchat accounts right now! Here are 7 must-follow dirty snapchat accounts belonging to your fave pornstars and producers!

Baily Bae


One of the hottest and most tatted stars in the industry is a must follow on Snapchat. She snaps everything from the sexy to mundane! But that only means that you gain a fantastic look at her life.

Plus she’s also a co-owner of a tattoo shop in …

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