We are a bunch of friends who spend a lot of time scrolling through Snapchat and they never regret all the wasted time being entertained by random snaps from the internet. Just like other normal kids, we share memes, funny Youtube videos, but it’s just that Snapchat contents are our favorites. It has a very diverse community who are incredibly creative and it would be selfish for us not to share what we find interesting to the world.

We created theohsnapproject.com to share out thoughts on the daily snaps we see. It’s like a repository of our favorite contents on the platform. However, we wanted to transform it into something more, so we get to share tips if you want to take the first step into your Snapchat stardom.

It is safe to say that we have seen everything to know what makes a content viral, what makes it flop, and what you need to know to produce interesting snaps. So, watch out for our content, and get ready to be the next instant star!

Just make sure not to forget us when your content finally becomes viral!


– Oh Snap Team