How I got paid to masturbate through snap chat?


Snapchat is a major force to be reckoned with in the world of sexting. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that people want to use to it to take things one step further and make some money off of it- just like I did. If you have ever taken nudes which looked so good that you thought you should get paid for it, then know that you certainly can. Here’s how I did it and made money off of it.

How it all got began?

Snapchat along with Tinder is a great place to meet people and hook up as well. But what many don’t know is that you can indeed use it to make some great money off of it. I began pretty much by taking pictures of myself and posting it on various social media sites as many do. There I used to get chat requests from men who said that they wanted more. They wanted to see nudes. While I did take half-exposed pictures but taking nudes wasn’t something which I had seriously considered doing. But I did try it out and while it was a little awkward for me at first. I soon loved the nudes pics of myself. Some men even began paying money to get those nudes.

The voice calls

Overtime the chats with those men began transforming into voice calls. They said that they would pay me if I could get them off on the phone so it was basically phone sex. I thought it was dangerously verging on the prostitution line of work in some ways. But there was one chat with a man, which convinced me to go for it.

He and I had been talking forsome time and he said that he liked my voice and how ‘sexy’ it was. So he said if I would be willing to get him off on the phone, for a price of course. He said that he would be paying me $3 for half an hour of phone sex. That was simply easy money for me which I couldn’t miss out on. I had expenses to pay since I was studying back then, so it was a tempting offer for sure. So I did it and from then on he became a regular customer of mine. From then on I began charging $2-$3 for half an hour worth of calls. Do I have regrets doing something so sleazy? Not really. For one it fills up my bank account more than any minimum wage paying job of flipping burgers would have. Secondly, I am simply providing a service which the men desire. After all, you can’t clap with one hand.

The Dom phase

From the influx of men in my inbox, I realized that there were men who wanted something more in those phone calls and who got off on something other than dirty talk. They were ready to send me money if I degraded them and talked like I owned them. There was this one man who got off on being jealous when he heard that I had met and slept with other guys. Not only did these men pay good money amounting in the thousands for calls like this, but they also made me feel powerful like I had control over them.

How I went on to prefer snapchat?

I was operating on a lot of social media sites and till then a few nudes and half exposed to sleazy pics were enough to get men tumbling into my account. But most of these social media sites didn’t have any way to charge men monthly or weekly on a continuous basis for availing my services. So, it basically felt like I was freelancing, but I wanted something akin to a stable income. After much searching and reading up on the features of social media sites I came to know about something called premium snapchat account. Premium Snapchat is actually an account where women (and men too) post pornographic or erotic content which is made accessible for a little subscriber’s fee. I used this to sort to start off professionally and that’s when I got what I wanted- a stable monthly income (of sorts).

Creating the content

After I discovered snapchat’s premium account, I quickly realized that men wouldn’t be paying up money for photos which they could easily get anywhere on the internet. There was a big difference between some phone clicked cleavage pics and those which were clicked artistically but were titillating as well. Also, previously I used to upload photos once in a while to my other social media accounts but running a premium snap account was different. I had to post something on a regular basis and I learned that it didn’t have to be just nudes. Many people were also interested in what I was doing on a daily basis.

How I went on to make videos

Pictures and daily life updates weren’t doing the trick per se. The subscribers in my snapchat premium account were really less. I knew if I had to earn big, I needed to take it a step further.

For one I had to learn how to stylize my nudes and that took time to learn. But men weren’t interested in just pics and they weren’t going to pay much for those. While I still had my phone sex customers, I knew that if I had to earn more I need to cross some boundaries. So I thought of making masturbation videos. This wasn’t an easy decision to make because baring out my genitals and making myself masturbate not for my pleasure but as masturbation content for numerous unknown men wasn’t a pleasant thought. That’s when I drew the line. I was going to stop at this, I wouldn’t be going into making amateur porn videos or basically porn videos of any sort.

But making any video in itself was a challenge for someone who had no idea how to film such videos which didn’t look cheap. I had no idea about the kind of cameras and lenses or other things which had to be used for it. So I had two options in front of me- I could learn how to do that or I had to hire someone who could. Now, I didn’t have much money to pay a video maker and editor so option one was the way to go for me. I began looking up camera prices and learning about what each thing meant. It wasn’t easy and took a lot of time. There were times when I looked up all the camera details while I was on the phone with a customer.

Finally, I got the one which I thought would be good to start with. Then I learned about framing and editing by working on simple ordinary videos. First, I took videos of the garden outside my house and then of myself doing things by sitting in one place. Then I went on to edit them and once I was pretty confident that it was okay-ish I went on to make my first trial masturbating video. Since I was going to do only masturbation videos so a camera set up focused on one spot would do the trick. So I filmed my first video.

What was it like looking at a video of myself masturbating? Not good and kind of weird to be honest. But I was determined to earn money and I knew my vagina was going to give it to me and that too without a dick in it. So I figured that one camera taking in my whole body along with the surroundings won’t be enough. I had to mix it up with some close-ups. With this in mind, I bought two cameras.

Posting my videos on the premium snapchat account

My initial idea was to post the videos straight up in the premium account. But I realized that I had to build up anticipation for it. So I began by posting a promo material on the account and then added the fact that if someone wanted to see the whole video they had to subscribe to my premium account. That seemed to do the trick and I got a good influx of men who were willing to pay to see it.

The current situation

I still post nudes and masturbating videos, but not on a regular basis. I post once every two or three days and try to find out new locations where I can do it so that it doesn’t get repetitive. Do I see myself doing it in the long term? I am not very sure. While I do like the easy money but there are other things which I do want to try out as well.

Overall, snapchat has made it easy to post these videos and meet people who are willing to pay for it. Making the content needs work and I have finally hired someone who helps me with the videos. But in the end, it’s all about the money.