How is SnapChat different from other social media platforms?


Each and every social media platform that we use on a regular is basis is different from each other due to a lot of reasons. Snap Chat is one such platform whose features are still unknown to a lot of people. So, here is a list of reasons that makes it different from other social media platforms.

The filters are to die for

Although, the invention of a lot of social media platforms was not done for filters and face swaps, in some way or another it is now related to that only. Be it any social media platform, it has now become a factory of editing tools, filters, and face swaps. If one has to compare these platforms, according to the filters, then Snap Chat could be considered to be the best. Now, the face swaps that this particular application offers to its users are just awesome. Sometimes, you just get your customized face filter, which is something you won’t get anywhere else.

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Money transfer

A lot of the readers will get a shock after reading this point, but you would be glad to know that this is true. One could actually transfer money by using the Snap Chat application. Now, to do this, the first criterion is that both the sender and the receiver should be on Snap Chat. If you owe money to someone, you need to go to that person’s account and then you need to click on the Snap Cash icon. There you could add money from your bank account and then after could transfer it to the person whom you want to.

No phone number required

We are very sure that one who is reading this has multiple accounts at various social media platforms. Well, there is a particular way of signing in to these social media accounts. Each and every account that you are making will require your number, but when you are making an account on Snap Chat, you need not your number. This is such a relief for a lot of people who do not want to share their numbers anywhere at any cost. You could go for your email address, instead of your phone number.

Least data consumption

What is the biggest problem that we people face while using the internet, especially those who do not earn too much? The answer to this question is very easy. We all suffer from this problem of data consumption. All these social media platforms consume a lot of data. However, you could not count Snap Chat in this. The way in which it works requires the least data consumption. If you are using it, then you will understand this point very easily. Well, the picture messages that you send to someone get removed automatically, after 2 views. The first view is that a person does after he or she receives the message and the second view is the replay. The chat messages too will vanish if they are not saved. The Snap stories that you post does not get saved unless you do that by yourself. However, you could save them if you want, to the memories. Thus, the way in which this particular application works is data saving and using it won’t be a problem in that context.

A free application

Here, the word free does not mean free of cost, but independent. Now, Snap Chat is definitely a cost-free application, but here we will talk about its independence. If you know anything about these social media applications, then you must know this, that almost every platform now a day is owned by Facebook. Snap Chat is again an exception. It is not owned by Facebook. One really needs to understand why it is important to talk about the independency of a social media application.

Well, if you have studied about Facebook, even a little bit, then you would probably know that it is a family of 2.2 billion people. Not just this, it owns Instagram and Whatsapp too, which again consists of 1.5 and 1 billion users. You could now just imagine the scene if facebook adopts one more application. What is more important about this is that Facebook has been going through the problem of mistrust. There are a lot of cases in front of us that suggests that we could trust Facebook. Not just this, its owner itself has admitted this. Snap Chat is the only mainstream social media platform that is not owned by Facebook and could be trusted.

Temporary email id will work here

Do you remember the first time you signed in for your Facebook or other social media accounts? Well, if you remember the process, then you must remember how worried you were for email id. In fact, if a teenager creates his or her Facebook account, then the email id is created just for the sign in. The reason for which you need to create a good email id for signing in to these social media platforms is that they do not accept email ids that are disposable in nature. The id should be made from platforms like Gmail or Yahoo. If you have not submitted your ID made on these platforms, chances are that they will block you.

The scene with Snap Chat is entirely different. You could use any email Id you have. It does not require your phone number, neither a permanent ID. The reason for this convenience is that on other social media platforms, you need to identify your social media account, but here you need not do so. Therefore, if you want to change your email ID, later on, you could do that.

Minimal permissions required

Again, this could be understood by those who already have their accounts on various social media platforms. Now, you sign up for these social media accounts, they ask you for a lot of things. A lot of permission is required before you sign in.  However, you won’t have to go through this irritating procedure. This procedure is not just irritating, but suspicious also. These applications ask for the camera, contacts, locations, microphone, phone, SMS, storage, etc. Now, if you look at all these details, you will realize that some of them are really personal and not everyone is comfortable sharing all of them. Snap Chat will ask you just about the storage and camera and nothing more than that. Also, the app will ask about the microphone, only if you are going to make a call or want to record a video. So, this particular feature not just makes the Snap Chat app safe, but also easy to use.

Least advertising

Today, even if you are opening a music application, you will see a lot of ads. The most irritating thing that one could find today on the internet is these ads. With the passage of time, the number of ads on various social media accounts has increased rapidly on these social media platforms. What irritates us the most is the wrong placement of these advertisements. Now, we are not saying that Snap Chat does not have this advertisement game on, but right now they have minimal ads on, as they have joined this very. The application is not so old also. So, we are not saying that it won’t behave like the other applications, but right now, the behavior of this application is quite decent and this particular point makes it unique from other applications in one more way.

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Easy way to change the font

For a lot of readers, this point might sound unimportant, but those who use Snap Chat will understand the importance of it. If you are the person who does not like to see things on your screen in small fonts, then you could simply go the T icon that is placed above your caption and the size of your text will increase automatically. Now, if you want to decrease the size of the text, then you should squeeze the text with your fingers and it would be done. So, we could see that it is so easy to increase or decrease the size of your text here.

Add as much colour as you want

Now, if you will look at the availability of colours on this app, then you will realize that this is a very colourful application. They are called crayons and could be used for writing or drawing something. The application is different in different phones. This is something that you won’t find everywhere.

So, these were all the factors that make Snap Chat unique and different from other social media platforms. When you will go through these points one by one, you will realize that it is better from a lot of social media platforms that we use. It is not the Snap Chat is not a popular application, but not every user knows all its features. These points will help you with it if you are a new user.