How to Make Your Snaps Viral?


You are living in the era of social media. From business to personal exposure, social media helps you a lot. Every one of you loves to share selfies and other pictures on social media. Specifically, the young generation wants to capture every moment of their life and share those on social media. With certain apps, they can make those snaps even more attractive and soon they can get viral. Snapchat is such type of app that gives you a better and advanced type of camera on your phone with which you can take awesome snaps. How to make your pictures viral, taken by Snapchat? Here you will get to know about those tricks. But, before that, let’s know about a bit about Snapchat.

What Is Snapchat?

In simple words, Snapchat is a new type of mobile camera that you can utilize just by downloading the app. Once you download it, you can now experience the world in a different and funnier way. While clicking pictures, you can tap on your face and you will get lots of options to try a new look. Not only that, but you can also add your location, activities around you once you click your picture. You are also allowed to play the game while clicking photos. How about creating a mini emoji of yourself? You can do that in Snapchat and also make it live. Use numerous stickers on your picture to make those more attractive and interesting. You can also get special effects like changing the day into night, or add chipmunk voice to your friend’s picture. The Toolbox of Snapchat is really happening so that you get a vast canvas to make your photos catchy.

Besides these features, there are also other amazing features that will help you to take more and more pictures. With Snapchat features, you can directly go to the camera and send pictures to your friends instantly. A picture always says more than thousands of words. So, you don’t need to type any messages now while you have Snapchat on your phone.

How Snapchat Can Make Your Photos Viral?

With simple tricks, it is now possible to make the pictures viral. How is it possible? Know it here-

  1. Get Back the Old Lenses by Changing the Date on Your Phone

While using Snapchat, you are lucky to get new lenses every day to try on your photos while taking pictures. Do you love certain old lenses in your Snapchat window? It is now easy to get back the old lenses which made your picture viral on social media once. Just by changing the date of your phone, you can get those previous lenses back. You can use this trick both in your Android and iPhone, but the methods are different.

If you have Android, you need to follow the following steps-

Settings- Date & Time and then uncheck the ‘automatic date and time’

For an iPhone, the steps are-

Settings-General-Date & Time and then turn off the option, ‘Set Automatically’.

After that, you can choose the date when your favorite lenses were offered and get back to those. Here, you should remember one thing, that you should not keep your phone on the wrong date for a long time as that can disturb other apps on your phone.

  1. Ensure Security of Your Account with Two-Step Verification

Not only clicking pictures, but you should also be very careful about the security of your Snapchat account. In order to do so, you can enable login verification. Once you activate this feature, you cannot log in to your Snapchat account from any new device until you provide the OTP send to your mobile through SMS.

  1. You Can Use Two Filters Together

Pictures in Snapchat are so much enthralling because of the advanced filters that you can use to make your pictures more creative and attractive. While it is Snapchat, you can easily add two filters together on a single picture. What you need to do is to use your fingers perfectly to add filters on your photos. It may require a few practices, but you can surely do it easily.

  1. Adding Additional Texts to Your Pictures

This is another exciting way to make your snaps viral through Snapchat. Use Noteapp which will allow you to select a range of blank test and you can copy it to your clipboard. While you are clicking pictures in Snapchat, just open it and copy and paste the text on your pictures.

  1. Don’t Forget the Emojis

Today, in every social media, emojis are winning hearts. This is kind of same in Snapchat. There are lots of emoji stickers in Snapchat that you can use to make your pictures funnier and go viral. These emojis are available in varieties of colors and styles. What you need to do is to drag certain emoji and place it on your picture. If you want to learn more about how to use emojis while using Snapchat, you can go through the video tutorials on YouTube.

  1. Turn on the Travel Mode to Save Data

You can do lots of things on Snapchat, but you should also be careful about your data. Too much usage of Snapchat can cause you battery hog. But, if you put on the travel mode, it will be easier to save data. Once you enable this mode, the app won’t get snaps and stories downloaded automatically. Besides that, you can choose when to download which snaps and which stories. You can activate travel mode just by going to the ‘Setting’ option.

  1. Take Pictures at the Night Camera Mode

There is a ‘Moon’ icon on your Snapchat window which enables you to turn on the low-light camera mode. If you are at a place where light is poor, night mode can still help you to get amazing pictures.

So, here you get how to make your pictures go viral through Snapchat. If you haven’t downloaded the app till now, do it now and enjoy clicking pictures and sharing them on social media.