The endless possibilities that you can do with Snap Chat


Snap Chat is a new app for a lot of people till now, for they really do not know about all the features of this application. Despite some of the drawbacks, it has some really important features. Here is a list of the things that are possible with this application.

Change font sizes

The first and foremost thing that most of the social media handles do not have in them is the font size settings. Here, when we are talking about the font size, then we are basically focusing upon the way in which texting is done. Now, if you are a person who wants to see the text in big fonts, then you could just go the T option and your font size will increase automatically. If you want to decrease the size of your text, then you need to just use your fingers, the way you do to decrease the size of any text on your phone screen. If you have used any other social media handles, then you will know that this particular feature is not available on other platforms.

Change the colour of the text

This again is something that could not be found on every platform and not every one of us is aware of this feature of the Snap Chat application. Now, to use this particular feature, you just need to go to the section that has the text. After that, you need to tap the caption section. The colour bar will pop up automatically there and you could use that for changing the colour of your text. This may not sound like an important feature, but those who are using Snap Chat will definitely understand what it actually means.

Colours for your feeds and stories

These consecutive points will give you the idea that how colourful Snap Chat is. Now, if you are posting something, then also you could use colours for different purposes. It could be used for drawing, for writing any text or for any other thing, for that matter. However, this feature works in different ways in different phones. If you are using an iPhone, then you could get the white crayon. This could be found by touching the palette that is there. You have to touch that palette and you need to drag that down. If you want to get the black crayons, then you need to touch the palette and then you need to drag your fingers towards the top left corner. There are other color options also in this list, which you could actually unblock and for doing that, you need to drag your fingers up or down.

Crazy filters

This is something, even a non-Snap Chat user also, as this is the reason for which this application is known, majorly. Now, there are a lot of filters available here. Filters, however, is not the correct word for it. Face swap is the right word for it. There is a way to use these face swaps. Lenses are used for it. You need to press on the particular face swap and then you need to wait for the lens to appear. Now, these lenses are something that helps you in getting that perfect snap with your favorite face filter. Also, we could bet that one could not get such filters anywhere else.

Video creativity

You will be glad to know that you could be creative with the videos also, just in the way it is done with photos. Now, turn the selfie mode of your phone camera after you have entered the Snap Chat application. Here, filters are not necessary, but you could do other settings. You could either slow down the speed of your videos or could reverse them or could fasten their speed. It totally depends on the type of videos. Believe it or not, this will really enhance the quality of your videos and you will love it like never before.

View the status of your story

Posting stories is the most common feature that could be seen in almost every social media platforms, but the one feature related to it that Snap Chat has could not be found anywhere else. Now, you could go to your stories section and there you could see the number of people who viewed your story. This feature is found on many other social media platforms, but here, you could even see the number of people who have taken the screenshot of your story. This is an added feature and could not be found anywhere else.

Easy way to delete your story

This is one of the most beneficial features but could be found at other platforms too. We post stories on our social media handles. Although, we post it after checking it properly, sometimes we want to delete it, even before it disappears. Now, there is this button near your stories that represents the delete option. You need to go there and press it, it would be deleted. Along with the delete button, there will be an icon that could save your stories in your camera roll.

Send money with Snap Chat

This is a feature that again could not be found anywhere else. If you owe money to someone and you want to send it back to that person, then this is the right place for you. The foremost criterion for this is very obvious. The person needs to be on Snap Chat. If he or she is on Snap Chat, you just need to go to Snap Cash option and need to type the amount in dollars. Once the amount is added in your account, you could send it to that person.

So, these were all the possible things that could be done with the help of Snap Chat. If you will go through all these points one by one, then you will come to know that they are really important and most of these features could not be found anywhere else.