Top 7 Sexy Snapchat Accounts to Follow Right Now


Do you like porn? That was a rhetorical question. Of course, you like porn; everyone likes porn. Even the people who say they hate porn, love porn.

Do you like Snapchat? Similarly to the first question, that was rhetorical. Of course, you like Snapchat, everyone loves Snapchat. What could get better than combining the two?

If you don’t follow porn star Snapchats, I’m about to change your life. Stop what you’re doing and read on because you have to follow these Snapchat accounts right now! Here are 7 must-follow dirty snapchat accounts belonging to your fave pornstars and producers!

Baily Bae


One of the hottest and most tatted stars in the industry is a must follow on Snapchat. She snaps everything from the sexy to mundane! But that only means that you gain a fantastic look at her life.

Plus she’s also a co-owner of a tattoo shop in New York City! If you follow her, you’ll also catch a glimpse into what it’s like to constantly be surrounded by both porn and tattoo culture.

If you’re into bad girls, you definitely should give Bailey Bae a follow.

Ashley Adams


It’s not surprising that with a lot of porn stars making the jump to Snapchat that major porn producers followed. Ashley Adams is one of the biggest in the industry, and they have been around since most of us started watching porn.

Who doesn’t love behind the scenes access? If you follow this Snapchat story, you’ll get plenty peaks behind the scenes at the making of everyone’s favorite genre of film.

Not only will you see her sexy snaps but she will show you behind the scenes stuff, they often feature content clips! So you can get a peak of the finished project before you decide to buy her content.

She always post different and fresh content. You can never be sure about what they’re going to post, which following them totally worth it.

Lena Paul


Similarly to Ashley Adams, Lena decided they needed to hop on the Snapchat bandwagon too. They are one of the biggest names in porn production as well, and their standard is just as high as that of Ashley Adams.

Just like the guys at BangBros or any other professional porn company, Lena also posts high-quality clips from their finished productions.

And you’ll never know who’s going to pop-up on your feed! It seems that porn stars are working harder than ever to keep up with demand, which makes for a lot of behind the scenes content! You can be sure they aren’t going to stop posting anytime soon.

Just Violet


If you are a fan of the wild, then you will love this porn star. She is brand new on the porn scene and is quickly making a name for herself. She’s already landed herself an AVN-award, and she can’t even legally drink yet! Yes, that’s right, she’s still 20 years old!

As soon as this girl became legal, she thrust herself right into the pornographic world. She’s less than 5 feet tall but packs a whole lot of sex appeal in her tiny frame.

She is the definition of Superslut (so much so that XRCO even gave her an award for it). If you’re into outrageous sex, then you should definitely give her a follow. On top of her award-winning sexual prowess, she’s super genuine. So you will catch a peek into her personal life.

Definitely, give this starlet a follow.

Misty Love

Honestly, this woman is one of my favorite people to ever grace my computer screen in the middle of the night. Not only does she produce and star in some of the hottest porn on the internet. But she’s hilarious.

This girl has made the jump to the mainstream! She works with Barstool Sports and has even written not one, but two autobiographies.

Not only is this woman hot, but she’s a hot business woman. You have to follow her Snapchat as that’s where she lets her freak flag fly (I think she’d let it fly everywhere if Instagrams terms and conditions would only allow her).

She not only posts amazing stuff on Snapchat, but her Twitter is one of my favorites as well. She’s outright hilarious. She knows that her profession is inherently slutty and totally embraces it with humor. You’re making a huge mistake if you don’t follow her on Snapchat!

Dani Daniels


This girl is another star who’s talents extend beyond fucking (and looking great doing it). Don’t get me wrong; this girl is insanely hot. She is not shy about posting on her Snapchat; she has an incredible body that she loves to show off. Every inch of her is literally perfect, and if you follow her on Snapchat you’ll definitely see it all.

What what is even better about her Snapchat is that she posts about all the other stuff she’s talented at! Not only is she a fantastic porn star but she’s a great artist! She spends a lot of her downtime painting, which she often documents on her Snapchat! And she also is a pilot! (This piece of information should definitely influence your fantasies centering around the “Mile High Club)

Give this star a follow and see what she’s up to on a daily basis!

Abella Danger


Similarly to another person on this list, Abella danger is somewhat new to porn. Though she’s only worked in the industry for around 3 years, she’s made a huge wave in the proverbial pool of porn.

Talk about sex appeal. This girl just oozes sex. Everything she does is sexy, her films showcase how slutty she could be, and she definitely uses her Snapchat to showcase more of that.

Additionally, Danger is classically trained in dance and occasionally shows off her talents on her account (though don’t get disappointed if it’s mostly just nudes).